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Café, Garden, Courses, Nursery


The organic farm, Fuglebjerggaard, is located 55 km North of Copenhagen. It has been certified organic since 1996. It is owned by Camilla Plum.

Fuglebjerggaard is a diverse organic farm and gardens, all our products are sold through the farm shop in Copenhagen, Located at Jægersborggade 17, and in the Webshop

Camilla not only manages the farm, and kitchen, the shop, the web based shop and the gardens, she is also makes TV programmes, cookery - and garden books and articles in magazines and newspapers. In the gardens and greenhouses she produces a very wide selection of vegs, berries, chillies, tomatoes, flowers.

The webshop offers the most extensive selection of organic seeds in Northern Europe, for private customers, and many of the seeds are grown on the farm.

The crops from the cereal fields are processed in the mill. Flour is either sold in the shop or used in the farm bakery. Pastures are grazed by sheep, lambs, goat, pigs, and occationally geese, hens and chickens.

Orchards include hundreds of cultivars of apples, pears, cherries and plums. Some of the apple cultivars are used for making cider. Bees are pollinating the fruit and berry flowers giving a delicious honey.

Around the farm You will find an organic nursery, flowering gardens, the farm buildings and a cafe during the summer, and for Christmas, From end June until november fields are open for Picking Your Own strawberries, berries and fruit.

We also offer cookery courses, baking courses, gardening courses, pruning and tours, and excursions for groups.

To manage all this we have a staff of 6 employed and a number of people working occasionally and/or voluntarily. Feel free to visit us every Saturday and Sunday from 10-16.

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Hemmingstrupvej 8
DK-3200 Helsinge

Phone + 45 48 39 39 43

e-mail: kontor@fuglebjerggaard.dk

Camilla Plum

Resume Camilla Plum

Cook, cook book author, food writer, owner of the Organic farm Fuglebjerggaard

Camilla is the owner and manager of the organic farm Fuglebjerggaard, which produce a large selection of vegetables, fruits and cereals sold in the farm shop. The organic farm also includes a café, restaurant, cookery school, courses in organic conversion, gardening and teambuilding. Besides managing Fuglebjerggaard, Camilla is an author of numerous cook books on organic food and gardening, and contributes with articles for Danish magazines and newspapers. Camilla has also hosted several TV- programs about cooking, gardening & growing, preserving, herbs & spices, slow food, food for children, baking etc. for Danish television. Camilla established the first organic restaurant in Denmark in 1992 and is the cofounder of the Danish organization »The Belly rebellion«. Camilla won an award from the Danish Gastronomic academy for »Achievements in organic gastronomy« and in 2011 she won the Gourmand cookbook Awards for Best Scandinavian Cookbook" with her book The Scandinavian Kitchen.

Contact information:
Camilla Plum
Hemmingstrupvej 8
3200 Helsinge
T: +45 23 74 16 63 camilla@fuglebjerggaard.dk
Web site: www.fuglebjerggaard.dk